Saturday, August 18, 2018

Chapter 24 - The Idea Guy (s)

I am going to throw some conversations out here. Thoughts and ideas that I have. Some, maybe many will go to one person, or they may be spread out to others to develop conversations. I have many many ideas, and I hope the SPW will help polish this product!

I want to create hats, t-shirts, etc. with the E1 logo. Also with 'That's FI!' and 'The Man, The Myth, The Legend dot com - more to follow.

Pizza U dot com is not available, but I would like to start a business where we supply a section to the grocery store that sells pizza crust, sauces, meats, cheeses, and toppings - so people can pick exactly what they want, take it home, and bake the perfect pizza. Also, the product will carry the logo of the local university, and a percentage will go back to the college. Also, maybe have a pizza shop ON campus. It could be a business class where they teach people how to run the business, while providing an important staple to the university, while teaching, and giving back to the school.

I want to create a website with only thongs. Millions of women buy them, so if they each buy ten, well, the numbers are impressive. Stylish and affordable, with the secrecy and convenience of the net (not that you need to be secret). and come to mind. I have owned these domains on occasion, and as of 8-18-2018 they are both available. This would be an easy and fun business!

A couple guys are good with cars. They buy cheap used Volvo's (or another brand), put a little sweat and money into them, and then sell them for more, all the time drinking beer and listening to rock n roll on the weekends while doing their money making project.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Chapter 23 - Day Four and More!

Again, this is not literally day four. Just a way to try to coordinate my thoughts here on this blog. Obviously, I need an experience screenplay writer like Brian Helgeland to make this project complete AND exceptional.

I started making more and more friends the longer I was there. I became recognized as one of the best in the building, and people liked to hang with the best, for many reasons of course.

Shawn P was a very nice, dapper young man. We became friends, and I told him I was trying to acclimate to life in the big city. He reminded me of a young Robert Downey Jr., and he got that comparison a lot. One night he said he was going to take me out on the town. Scottsdale that is. We went from bar to bar, and he knew everyone. I don't think we ever paid for a drink either. We had a very good time, but I determined that I was not a Scottsdale type of guy. We did not have a second 'date'.

Another type of Scottsdale guy was Chris C. Chris and I were desk neighbors and became very good friends. Chris will also become a player in this movie project. We later in 2001 spent 911 together, drinking, watching TV, and dis-believing. We played some golf together, and became very good buds. I appreciate his friendship. He was a Scottsdale guy though, and we did not party that much together. He was a bit of a smart ass, and often said things without thinking. He may have received a black eye here and there. He also had a proclivity for Asian women. He once boasted to me of his success, but I will not mention a number here out of respect for his current spouse and daughters. He did make me laugh. I remember once when he was going through a dry spell on the sales side, he was pitching a client... and the client said he wanted to think about it. Chris almost imploded, as he heard those words again. He could not compose himself for a comeback on that one. That moment passed. Chris also got me a few other jobs after Don Lapre. The best one was, where we sold DSL. This was the year 2000, and I made over $25,000 in August of that year. I set the record with 28 sales in one day. The previous record was like 18 deals in a WEEK. I worked 14 hours that day. The orders took awhile to put into the system, so I paid one of the guys there who was not so much into the sales effort $5 a deal to put them into the computer. I paid him $140 that day. We were both happy. In September the company went out of business due to chargebacks. The DSL was not getting installed fast enough, and the speeds were not as fast as we projected. Since we were a reseller for North Point and Covad, the LEC's would do our orders last. As the client was prepaying for an entire year, they got tired of waiting as well, and would cancel. The speeds were off as the online distances we were shown by the internet from the house to the LEC were off, and that affected the internet speeds. Also, some of the Central Offices were antiquated, and could not handle the new technology without a major overhaul of the CO. Chris' brother also worked at Don's, and his name is Jason. I once worked with another brother, and his mom worked their too briefly. A great family!

Jason M is from Louisiana. He started at Don's very young. He made some money at Don's, and invested well, and accrued a very nice portfolio. He became a good friend, and we worked together many times. On Thursdays, he would often loan me $100 to go out that night to go to Scottsdale to see Satellite play. Even though I made 2k a week, I would be broke the day before payday. I was paying $400 a week in back child support, and $250 a week for a personal trainer. Add a sports car, five nights out a week, well, you get the picture. Jason started out in Quality, and that is how he became good, by listening to all the sales tapes. Overall, I would say he was a pretty good friend, though, like any relationships, there were bumps in the road. I 'fondly' remember one night when Jason and Mark D came to my apartment after the bar, to play poker. Mark D was a complete asshole when drinking, and he accused me of cheating at cards in my own home. I opted out and let them play by themselves. Then Jason takes off and leaves me to drive Mark home at like 3 in the morning. Fun times in the big city.

Rod H was another character. He was ten years older than me. Kinda looked like Robert Duvall. Rod referred to himself as a German Jew. He was rough around the edges, and not often a happy man. His wife left him while he was almost on his death bed from cancer. He recovered, and lived awhile longer. We rented a very nice renovated house on Bishop Ave with a pool. He loved chess. He often could be an ass, but he had his good moments too. He spent all his off timed on the internet in his room. I gave him the master bedroom, as it had a private bathroom (he needed it as he lost many feet of intestines I believe it was). He got AOL free, month after month, for a few years I think. He would call up and say he was going to cancel, and they would give him a few more months of service free. You could get the free AOL trial disks everywhere in those early days. Rod was cheap. He was constantly hooking up with women, no matter how unattractive they might be. When I broke up once with a girl, he asked me if he could hit her up. I got pissed off at this and then explained to him the bro code, though I know she would never have given him the time of day. He smoked weed like mad while cerfing the net. His brother was Barry H who would run for Governor of AZ each year. They were not close. Rod had two sons whom I only met briefly. Later Rod got sick again, and died at about 56 maybe. Ironically, his ex wife, whom he hated, died unexpectedly about a week after Rod died. A funny thing I remembered about Rod was - I would always call him on the way home to see if he wanted a taco, or a burger - as I kinda felt bad bringing food home, and eating in front of him - even though he was always in his room, smoking and cerfing. I would buy like ten times in a row, then one day he would buy me something, then I would buy the next ten rounds of food, then he would buy one. I think I have often abused this way in my life. I guess I am just a sucker/nice guy. He never drank much. I did. I always had beer in the fridge. Quite often I would offer him one, just to be sociable. Sometimes he would imbibe. He never bought a six pack though. But boy, if I touched anything of his in the fridge, he would freak out. I guess the guy could not count, lol.

Introducing Dr. Dick.

Introducing Idea Man.

Introducing Mr. Domain

Introducing Dr. Tim

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Chapter 22 - More Content To Follow & The Internet

I do want you to know there is so much more content to follow. I just wanted to get this out there to find the right team to make this happen. From an agent, to a producer, whomever might help see this project to fruition. I have so much dialogue and character development to go. I have multiple notebooks of information. I will add it as time allows, and as I can sort it out in a productive manner. Thank you for your interest and patience! E1. dk.

Round One of postcards go out tomorrow, the first day LEO!
Round One of postcards - DONE!

Round Two - tomorrow!

So I bought my first personal computer in 1998. I will will always love Windows 98! And, I will always be fond of AOL - especially Love At Aol. The net being so new, it was so easy to talk to people live online, and to meet them in person. Trust me, 1998 was way different than it is today. Or, maybe I was just younger... I am not sure. Anyways, I met a lot of cool women online, and had some amazing times. These will be covered in the greatest love story ever, here on this blog! I purchased my computer from a Southerner named Jim. It was kind of generic I guess, and was one he rebuilt. it worked quite good for my purposes, 1 - email, and 2 - browsing the net, and of course... 3 - AOL. I believe I paid him $200.

I remember one time sitting at my computer with a friend of mine... and we were cursing the net... and all of a sudden we came to a website that was all in Chinese. I turned to Lindsay, and with a very serious face I asked her - how is your Chinese? It was a funny moment. One example here of the newness of the world wide web.

During this time period I spent a lot of time on the net. I read, and I studied, and I learned a lot. I built my first website with Front Page, and I started buying domain names. I think,, and were among the first. I remember walking into the office at Don's one day, and Frank M. says to me... Dave Koenig, the man, the myth, the legend... and I went home that night and bought it. Only one person can be, and that is me. Many say it is too long to worth anything, but I disagree. It is a brand name, that if marketed properly, could be worth something significant. Only time will tell. I would not mind selling it to fund my writing projects.

June of 1999 Napster was born. That was fun too! Building your own personal library of music for free. Not legal, but fun. People would build libraries with 1000's of songs. And it took awhile as well without the blazing high speeds we see today.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Chapter 21 - The Greatest Love Story Of All Time

I have written and re-written this a hundred times. At this point, I need someone like Brian Helgeland to come along and take down my thoughts, and then make it a masterpiece like 'A Knight's Tale'. I have admired his work for 17 years, and have owned his domain name for like 15. I have offered it to him for no charge, but have had no response up to this point. I have tried!

I have been married twice, almost a 3rd, and a few relationships beyond them. I will put my faith and history into another's hands in order to maximize the movie story line. It has in no way been boring, but only Hollywood can embellish a good love story!

OK. I think I am ready to begin the journey. God help me! I will not post every detail, every time. I also may embellish a time or two. It is not to feed my ego, but to appeal to Hollywood. I want this to be a good movie, ok? LOL.

This just in... 8-1-2018, wife number two just got married for the 7th time. I really do hope she finds happiness and more. She will be referred to as 'D'. First wife will be 'K' and shoulda been 3rd wife will be 'A'.

In high school I was a good looking young man. Very talented and active in golf, basketball, football, drama, chorus, trumpet trio, brass quartet, pep band, jazz band, concert band, marching band, National Honor Society, Annual Sports Editor, Sports Writer for the school paper, and more. I did have a tough time talking cool to the ladies. I found alcohol fixed that, so I started partying at 16. Later I think I was not really shy, there were just so many things going through my mind at one time ( I have an IQ over 140), I fumbled on what to say. I have gotten over it with practice. We won four state high school golf championships in a row. I could never get better than a five handicap. More golf stories can be found at . On trumpet I could hit a double high C, which is very very impressive. I could scream on the horn for sure. Lead jazz trumpet for 8 years in h/s and college.

In college I continued to party even more. I hardly ever studied. I got my degree in four years with a B average. I took the LSAT and did pretty good, but did not go to law school. My friends had a 3.97 in college, and I beat him on the test. He got his education, but never practiced law - just golf. In college I met my first wife - K. We had a lot of fun together. Partied a lot. She had the most amazing family. My family was small, and not at all close. Her family was exactly the opposite, and I fell in love with them as much as K I think. I did try to break up with her a couple times, as I knew I was young, but she would just cry and get upset. For some reason, one day I asked her to marry me, and that was it, done. Fast forward, new house, 2 kids, new cars, and much more. I pretty much had the perfect life, but I lived with a woman that I no longer loved. There was no romance or passion of any kind. We worked opposite schedules, and that did not help. Bottom line, she became a mom, and I had no wife. And I wanted it, badly. I would pray to God to get me out of this relationship, and let me find true, hot love. Be careful what you wish for. Wow, be careful.

I was working at MCI in Denver. A few of us were at the bar after work. And the usual talk brought up the question, who would you like to sleep with the most in the office - there were about 200 employees I think. It was easy for me. I said D. The others understood. Then one day, they had a quarterly event for the top performers. No spouses. D made it too. After a fancy dinner at the Brown Palace downtown Denver, there was an open bar, and a band. I was walking around, and I saw D sitting all by herself at a table. Well, I was not going to let this pass. We danced the night away. Went around the 16th street mall for awhile on a shuttle. Made out. I got home around five in the morning. K was not happy. I had makeup on my shirt, but I said it was just dust from the floor in the basement where the washer and dryer were. She let it go. (We saw Cindy Crawford that night from three feet - gorgeous!).
D and I had lunch together most days after that, and planned our future together. We were both married, not happy, and committed to make the move together. She was on her 2nd husband. She promptly had her husband move out, and filed for divorce. I asked for a couple weeks. I was going to break it to K while my kids were on vacation in Arkansas. However, one night before that happened, she came to bed one night, and asked me if there was someone else. I hesitated, and she says - well that answers that. She was shattered. The next morning she promptly called all family and an attorney. She went to my daughters, who were 7 and 11, and told them daddy has been lying to you. He is seeing another woman. I will never forget, or forgive for that moment. K left the relationship many years earlier. She did not even try to be a wife to me. I did on more than once occasion. She was content with being a mom. I was praying to God near the end, and he answered. And you know what they say, be careful what you pray for - you might get it. I may have found love and romance,but there was a set of luggage there that was too big for me to handle. Our relationship was doomed from the beginning. D was loco, and I will not go into much detail. Her anger. Her lack of self esteem. She was very beautiful We built a beautiful home in Highlands Ranch. We ran into some financial pressures, as I had given K more money than I could afford. My attorney was mad at me. I felt guilty and gave in. I should have held my ground. I had no problem caring for my kids, but I forgot about taking care of myself, and I was crushed by a series of events, starting with what I gave her in the divorce. In the back of my mind I knew I could always make enough money to support everyone. I was wrong. So much for all this - let's get to something more fun.

I got my own place on Mill Ave, just south of the freeway. I also got a new job at New Strategies. The first entry in this blog says I moved here by myself. I will leave it up to my screenplay writer (hopefully Brian Helgeland) to make the final draft. Other entries in this blog talk about various friends and activities. I will let the SPW fit the pieces together at his/her will. Now I will take about maybe the number two character in this film project - TO (Dr. Tim). TO is a chiropractor. He had long hair, and reminded me of Nicolas Cage. TO was older than most of the rest. He was a very free spirit, and he helped me rebuild myself with more confidence and much more of every thing. I will give TO credit for getting me into the Tempe night life, especially the local bands. I had many bands I followed. They knew me, I knew them, I knew the servers, the bartenders, the customers. They became my family, and to their credit I would say they saved my spirit. The rekindled the fire that burned deep within me, and I became happy again. I did have a go with depression, and after consulting a psychiatrist, and trying a few drugs that made me worse, I found Ativan that wiped out the clouds in my brain, and I was reborn. Single for the first time since 18, making more money than most, and ready to live the life of a rock star. I was 39. The girls thought I was 29, and I only dated women from 20 to 29, by accident I guess. I had thought about plastic surgery to slim the waistline, but TO talked me into a personal trainer. I paid Sean $250 a week for four one hour session. He would work me until I would almost collapse. The results, after a couple months, he said I had the body of a professional athlete. Man did I feel good! Wow! I highly recommend this to anyone that can afford it!

I am going to write the timeline as close to reality as possible, and I will leave it up to the SPW to squeeze it into a 111 minute movie. In addition to the night scene I played a lot on love @ aol. Met some nice ladies. Slept with most of them. It was a moment in time. One of my first relationships was with Jamie. I wrote about her in a previous chapter. Then I tried Scottsdale with Shawn and Chris. I wrote about this in a previous chapter. Then I went Long Wongs on Mill Avenue, and The Yucca Tap Room, and more. I really got to know the local scene in Tempe. I wanted to go to ASU at 17, but my Dad did not let me. Well, at 39 it was still a whole lot of fun. I got to know all the servers, bartenders, musicians, patrons, and had a blast. I would stay home on Friday and Saturday, but the other five nights I always had a plan/place to go. Stephen Ashbrook and Satellite were my faves, and they all became pretty good friends.

Next up throw in some of the destinations that I described in one chapter. Lake Pleasant. Rocky Point. Local Resorts. Scottsdale. Etc. Then I met A. At one point she asked me to marry her. I said no. Later I asked her to marry me. She said know. We were on and off for several years. We just could not get on the same page. At first, I expected her to kick her husband to the curb, and we would live together right away. That is how it worked with D. Being Polish, and tightly involved in the Polish community, she said it would take time. There were things she had to do. She and her husband were living in a house owned by her husbands parents. So they needed to find an apartment and move out. Then she had to get her youngest into daycare. It took her a year to get him to move out. We broke up numerous times during this year, but we always came back to each other. What we had was very strong. We called it - That's FI! (fucking incredible).

Chapter 20 - Celebrity Sightings

During my tenure at Don's I saw Cincy Margolis, Louis Farrakhan and Mike Tyson. Pete M. brought in Louis and Mike.

Chapter 19 - Weekend Trips and Scene Venues

Rocky Point. Puerto Penasco

Bourbon Street Circus

San Antonio Riverwalk

Grand Canyon

San Diego

Cabo San Lucas




Las Vegas

Desert Sky Pavillion



The Glamis Sand Dunes

Downtown Mill

ASU Stadium


Bank One Ballpark

Suns Game

Long Songs, Bash on Ash